Hello, Madeline + Co!

As requested, here is my video (and other items) for consideration to collaborate with your team. I’m a long time WF fan and have been looking for the right opportunity to jump back into content creation. My current position at Boxwood Estate Winery has provided quite an education into the business side of the industry, but I have also found that my right brain is looking for a bit more stimulation these days.

I am not yet comfortable in front of a camera, and I do feel I’m more eloquent in writing … but you asked for a video, so here goes nothin’ … 🙈

My Favorite Pieces

My eBook // Uprooting: Strategies for Successful Career Transition

Winery Etiquette: 10 Ways to Ruin Your Day

You Are Not Above Trash Duty

Best Resources for New Bloggers

Thanks for your time!