Winery Etiquette: 10 Ways to Ruin Your Day

I’m about to go Postal – Emily Post, that is! Ms. Post’s guidance on proper etiquette has been widely popular and continuously updated since 1922. While Post covers a variety of situations and circumstances, I don’t think she specifically addresses today’s topic: Winery Etiquette! I came across an interesting article during my research by Matt Kettman in Wine Enthusiast, which includes guidelines for your time at the bar in the tasting room. I think it’s a great reference and would encourage you to check it out. My two cents addresses wineries as a whole, rather than just the tasting room. When I am caught off-guard or surprised by something, I always remember my friend who used to mock me with the little adage of The 5 P’s: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Winery policies can vary greatly; if you take the time to do a little research beforehand, you’ll have a … Read More