The Virtual Boyfriend // BDGP Series

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one of us with one of these. Right? Maybe? It’s that guy you’ve had a teenage kinda crush on for awhile, who starts becoming your most frequent Facebook interaction. Ding! Yay! The equivalent of old school “pokes” begins in the form of not just a “haha” reaction but also memes and emojis. Sometimes he is your knight in shining armor when you’re hotly debating a political nemesis. He swoops in and shits on someone’s day for you, making you instantly feel vindicated and invincible. Then you start getting more private communications. You wake up to texts because he’s up earlier and clearly he thought about me so early in the day! OMFG, stop, girl. In reality he’s bored out of his mind and mass messaging people at the job he hates. You get afternoon check-ins that are sometimes actually only for you. Hmm … You get late … Read More

“Beauty” and the Self-Proclaimed Beast

It started out innocent enough. A great intro message comes through on Match: thoughtful, insightful, clearly more effort put forth than your typical “Sup, beautiful.” I checked out the profile and was immediately intrigued. This guy was a musician, but not your “I play music on the weekends at bars” type of musician I had become accustomed to while living in Nashville for a short while. I’m talking “professional, full-time musician with photos on a massive stage before massive crowds and amazing lighting bouncing off his long hair and epic beard while shredding an electric guitar which accented his great forearms” musician. Is it weird that I notice strong forearms? Probably. He not only played the lead guitar but was also the songwriter for his group, and (shockingly, eh?) I love me some good writing and introspection. We started exchanging messages, which escalated to long emails, and finally voice-on-voice action … Read More

You Are Not Above Trash Duty

I started writing this article weeks ago and a conversation I had with a local winery owner totally validated my thoughts for the piece. It’s a pretty awesome feeling when an expert inadvertently tells you you’re on the right track. I asked Doug Fabbioli, owner of Fabbioli Cellars, after an industry event if he had any advice for a newbie trying to break into the wine industry and go full time. His answer? “Most of the vineyards in this area are small, family operations. You might be interested in wine marketing, but you need to be willing to get involved in every aspect you can. Absolutely everything. Work the events, help manage the wine club, take out the trash at the end of the night – know that every single task you do is making an overall impact on the operations of that business. The more you do, the more you … Read More

Why I Started Another Blog After Failing [Thrice]

Ah, failure. It loves to rear it’s ugly head, and the fear of it can paralyze the best of us. “Fail” is a nasty four-letter word, and if an expert read the following post, she might say I should have been kind to myself and picked another descriptor. Maybe it’s not accurate to say I failed: I bailed, quit, surrendered, whatever you want to call it. My previous blogs didn’t bring me success or fortune — so why would I spend all of my free time working on yet another? My Blogging Backstory As long as I can remember, I’ve loved to write. Starting probably in the 4th grade, I begged for an additional Mead Five Star notebook while school supply shopping. I’d lay on my bed with my purple pen and spend hours writing multiple short stories in my beloved five-subject score. The first time I truly understood how much I enjoyed … Read More

Best Resources for New Bloggers

If blogging is your chosen project to help build your expertise and prepare for your career transition (like I talk about in my free ebook), you’ve some to the right place. Maintaining a blog is definitely a lot of work, but if you are up for the challenge there are lots of great resources to help you get started quickly. Some experts adhere hefty price tags to their guides and advice, but others offer it for free to help the blogging community and build their loyal tribe of readers. I’ve consumed a huge amount of content over the past few years – probably too much. I’ve paid for courses, bought books, stalked blogs daily for the newest content, joined private Facebook groups and more. While it’s good to do your research, don’t do what I did and let the search for finding the perfect “how-to’s” overshadow your actual creation process. To help you … Read More