my eBook: Strategies for Successful Career Transition

This is by far the biggest project I’ve undertaken lately and seen through. My eBook Uprooting: Strategies for Successful Career Transition is now available for free! Now that I finally have a sense of direction, this is the year I’m committing to taking the first steps toward the rest of my career — and I want that for you too. As a little thank you to the positive forces in the universe that have finally given me some clarity, I’ve created what I hope will be a useful resource for people that are feeling stuck like I was. I’m not a life coach or career counselor. I’m just like you, working toward turning my passion into a profitable career, but I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. I’ve compiled some lessons learned from my experience thus far, mistakes I’ve made (so many mistakes), nuggets of wisdom that inspired me … Read More

Audio Book Battle: Ambrosini vs. Sincero

So you’re thinking about switching careers, but maybe you’re not feeling so confident. Do you have one of those nagging voices in the back of your mind telling you there’s no way you’ll pull off your next goal? I think many of us struggle with the beast that is negative self-talk at some point, and sometimes all we need to push through is a little encouragement and a reminder of just how in control and capable we really are. Over the past 2 years or so I’ve become a total junkie of personal and professional development books. While most have been geared toward business and entrepreneurship, I recently found myself in possession of two audio books which fell more into the self-help category. I love to read, but I can’t always squeeze in the time to sit down with an actual book, hence my recent obsession with Audible. Audible allows me to consume content while … Read More