Messing with Married Guys // BDGP Series

Bad Date I walked back to the couch positioned next to the fire with two more glasses of wine in hand. We snuggled into the cozy blanket and continued our night of chill > Netflix. I think the menu was up on the screen, although I’m not really sure. We were innocently pawing at each other and laughing as he pulled me closer and threw the blanket over our head. He put a finger to his lips smiling. “Shhh!” The situation reminded me of hanging out with my high school boyfriend at his dad’s, secretly sneaking in a little fun when we could. Except now we weren’t at my guy’s dad’s house. This time he was dad, or Daddy, to be precise. “Daddy?” came a soft voice. The girls had gone to bed before I came over so as not to cause confusion about Daddy’s new “friend.” I had met and bonded … Read More

Man-Math + Misunderstandings // BDGP Series

One of my absolute favorite kind of dates are the concert dates I go on with my best friend. The two of us always have a total blast, so why wouldn’t we buy tickets to the upcoming Sam Hunt concert while sitting on the lawn between sets at the One Republic show? Knowing her fiancé would also want to see Sam and figuring I could find someone to be my plus one over the next six weeks, we purchased 4 tickets. Boom, next concert: booked. So I’m sitting around on a break one day swiping through Bumble. Don’t you love how every time you hear from me I’m on a new dating app? Do we think it’s desperate, adventurous, or expanding horizons/possibilities? Maybe it’s all of the above. *Left.* *Left.* *Left.* *Left.* Yikes – definitely left. I winced in mental and emotional anguish as I reviewed my options (or lack thereof) and … Read More

We Are Family // BDGP Series

Never Got to the Date The problem with importing your settings from Facebook to Bumble is forgetting that you entered “Your Mom’s Bed” as your place of employment. Wondering why you haven’t gotten any messages? *Swipes left.* The Plate Mom’s Specialty: Potato + Eggs, because you need comfort food after losing all faith in humanity. ________________________ Bad Dates, Great Plates is a series of dating mishaps and life lessons with a delicious silver lining – in most cases, anyway.

Playmates? // BDGP Series

How has He Ever Dated? Me: (profile picture making a stupid face with a Lambchop puppet) Him: (59 years old, West Virginia) So, what other toys do you like to play with? Me: *Delete. Block.* Great Plate Dijon and Herb Crusted New Zealand Lamb Rack with Gruyere Potato Gratin, Asparagus, Rosemary – Bone Jus If it’s anything like the lamb chop I had at Chef Erik’s New Zealand wine dinner, you will not be disappointed – even if you are not a lamb lover! The subtle spices cut some of the gaminess, leaving room for full appreciation of this gorgeous cut. Magnolias at the Mill, 198 North 21st Street, Purcellville, Virginia 20132 From the website: “A premier American restaurant located in the heart of Loudoun County’s Wine Country. We’re proud to make seasonal food from local farmers an essential part of Magnolias’s hospitality. We offer daily specials in addition to our seasonally rotating dinner and lunch … Read More

From Pals to Porn // BDGP Series

I have an unconventional collection of friends and acquaintances due to my previous job. I’ve grown close with former co-workers from around the globe, some I’ve met in person and others that I haven’t. We went through so much together during my employment with the company for over half a decade – some of us even consider one another family. One in particular was a different kind of friendship that morphed over years of very personal communication. I felt like I could tell him anything from behind my keyboard – and I did. He became a support system I relied on through work frustrations, medical issues and a massive failure of a relationship. A random booze-fueled kiss years prior had been completely ignored by us both as we maintained our long-distance friendship. We had very quickly moved past any tension that might have been between us, separated by both circumstance and oceans. He … Read More