this is dorothy.
dorothy writes (sometimes).

  • dorothy was unhappy with her career and determined to escape

    Transitioning to an entirely new industry in your 30s can be tough – and scary. These articles (and even a short ebook!) include some of the things I learned along the way. [READ CAREER CONTENT]

  • dorothy is now a winery manager and learning lots

    I might know a little bit more about wine than the average bear, but joining the wine industry has shown me just how much I DON’T know. Read this section to learn a little more about wine, take a peek inside the coolest (IMO) industry, and see tasting rooms from the other side of the bar. [READ WINE CONTENT]

  • dorothy goes on lots of dates, but they don't seem to go very well

    I’ve been doing a “Dating Disasters” series of posts on my personal Facebook page for, oh, a hundred years now. Apparently my friends find my misfortune funny, so maybe you will, too. They suggested I compile the calamity – ask and ye shall receive. [READ DATING CONTENT]